Out of bounds glitch

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The Out of bounds glitch is where a player is able to go out of world/collision bounds in the level of a game. BoxCritters introduced the bounds during the Halloween party in order for the maze to function and some people have found out how to get beyond these bounds.


Play Box Critters - Google Chrome 3 21 2020 3 38 54 PM.png

A user by the name of booming battery was messing around with movement in chrome's console with his buddy loading. He discovered if you type something in the console you appear invisible on your screen. Everyone else, however, will see you normally, though bounds no longer affect you. Emno also realized when you use it you go to the top left corner. Also, you have to "reload" by typing it in again before you can change your position. this was Emno and loading's secret for a while and even got into a video [1]


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